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Passionate About Stunning Pearl Jewellery

If you are looking for exquisite fashion accessories, take a look at the Simply Accessories online shop. We specialise in refined necklaces and earrings made by hand from fresh water pearls, which are available in both gold and silver. Our pearl jewellery range allows you to give somebody a gift that is both timeless and personal. They are beautiful mementos that perfectly complement your outfit and bring out your features. We also supply beautiful, unique, 100 percent pure natural silk neck scarfs.

So, if you are looking for high-quality fashion accessories such as necklaces, earrings and scarfs, don’t hesitate to view Simply Accessories’ online shop. 




How We Source Our Products

We visit a number of UK pearl farms throughout the year to source fresh water pearls of the highest quality. Each pearl has to align perfectly with our specifications – round, shiny, beautifully simple. Farming pearls has been an established practice across the world for many centuries, and we try to honour that tradition by presenting pearl jewellery in a way that is delicate, with the pearl’s natural beauty taking centre stage. 


Why Choose Simply Accessories?


Attention to Detail 

Every step of the process is done by hand and carried out with extreme care. Simplicity, after all, is a point of arrival, and we always take scrupulous care of the minor details to produce a fashion accessory that is both delicate and stunning to look at. 

Quality Materials 

Whether you are interested in a gold-tinted pearl necklace for a partner or a silk scarf for yourself, rest assured that our fashion accessories are made by hand and to an exceptionally high quality. We set extremely rigorous standards when it comes to the pearls and silks that we work with. 

Affordably Priced 

Our fashion accessories are unique products, either as a gift for someone or as a treat for yourself, but that does not mean that they cost half a year’s salary. We source pearls and silk that are top grade whilst also being affordable for our customers. 






Take a look at our products page to view the full range of high-quality fashion accessories provided by Simply Accessories.

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